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About Us
Zhejiang Mingfeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
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About Us
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Zhejiang Mingfeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, production, seals and services of intelligent automobile products, and the independent innovation of intelligent car sunshields. Since its establishment, the company has been dedicated to developing the intelligent sunshields for automobiles and has formed a complete one-stop service system integrating design, installation, adjustment, training and maintenance by upholding the enterprise spirit of Exploration, Pursuit, Reality and Innovation and the development principle of Creating Brands with Quality and Promoting Development through Brands. 

Mingfeng is a new- and high-tech technology brand for intelligent automobile sunshields with independent innovations, professional R&D and production. The company has a complete service system since we have a powerful R&D team, clean workshops and advanced surface treatment equipment with automatic computer controls. The company has its own core technologies, 15 national patents. The company has establish excellent and stable partnerships with many famous brands both at home and abroad and has gradually established its powerful advantages in terms of talents, technologies and brand.

By upholding the quality policy of Putting Quality First and Centering Clients, the company has adopted the advanced ISO9001 quality management system. All products must be tested by professionals before delivery to provide the clients with leading intelligent products. The company has used human-based management for its employees, and paid great attention to talents and constant innovations. We will keep trying to explore and innovate new products to realize our values and operation in good faith. We will try our best to provide the most thoughtful and perfect services for every client on the way of pursuing win-win results, and we are looking forward to cooperating with more clients to create a better future jointly.


一种遮阳板壳体 专利号:ZL201620062933.8
一种可储存香水的车载智能滤光板 专利号:ZL201721052216.8
一种带调整垫块的车载智能液晶滤光遮阳板安装座 专利号:ZL201720979468.9
一种可储存香水的悬挂于遮阳板上的智能滤光板 专利号:ZL21721052215.3
一种可储存香水且便于安装的车载智能滤光板 专利号:ZL.201721052214.9
一种新型遮阳板上安装脚的安装结构 专利号:ZL2017 20924255.6
一种太阳能光感眼镜 专利号:ZL201620002546.5
 一种光感滤光屏 专利号:ZL201620069492.4
 汽车遮阳板连接件 专利号:ZL201630025341.4
 一种汽车遮阳板万能连接件 专利号:ZL201620063474.5
 一种滤光板控制系统 专利号:ZL201620069459.1
 一种简易安装连接座 专利号:ZL201620068710.2
 汽车遮阳板万能连接件 专利号:ZL201630025342.9
 一种汽车遮阳板连接件 专利号:ZL201620063034.X
 一种新型遮阳板上安装脚的安装结构 专利号:ZL201720924255.6

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